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Anybody had luck with internet fax service?

I am thinking of changing our old fax service to a internet fax. I understand that it can be set up to send messages to up to 5 e mail addresses. How have you handled this? have you sent the faxes to everyone? Or, just to one individual and have them sort, and forward? What if that person is absent?
Is this just another thing to remember, or is this a good move?
I would love to hear your comments.

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Our first big pick up

We actually had our first big pick up this week of all the recycled paper.  it was a good feeling to see it go out the door, and to a worthy cause.  We also have been saving all the pop cans, and excess scrap.  The sheltered workshop also takes and sorts these products as jobs.  Great feeling.

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TRI-OX is Awsome !

So far in the start up phase of our new system the results are really cool.   I will keep you advised.

The results thus far demonstrate a reduction in water usage, and r reduction in solvents.  this will aid in our company sustainability.


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A small step, but a big project.

Last night I stayed late to work on an idea I have been pondering over.  Can I reduce our paper use?  Sure we are now recycling all the office waste, but what is the next step?  Reduce!

We are still a society that puts everything on paper.  FilterPro is no different.  Computer files “Yes”, but always a paper files hanging in the enormous row of filing cabinets.

Last night I developed our credit applications, and the credit card authorization using a software where the document is filled out on line, and digitally signed.  This is going to be a test.   Will the crusty guy accept this?  Hard to say, but i think it is worth a try.  It is really a pretty slick system that sends the document to the customer for them to sign then returns it to you signed.  It also keeps an archived record of when, who, and what IP address signed the document.   Pretty cool stuff.   I’ll let you know how it does.


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AWSOME !!!!!!!

Our power company just approved us for rebates to finish off the rest of our place in high efficiency lighting, and also to add motion detectors to each light fixture.  

Each light will only come on if a person is working or moving under the area.  Thinking about renaming the production area “the Bat Cave”.   So much electronics, and fancy blinking lights from the control boxes (and now possibly the lights).  Boy does that date me.


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Sorry, I miised a couple posts….

But, We have not been sitting idle.   We were busy installing new high efficiency lighting.  I was actively involved in putting up new lighting to cut our carbon footprint.  An interesting thing is that I found out yesterday that there are actually grants available via our power company to offset the cost of this type of project.  I may have missed this opportunity, but maybe it will help you.   We had budgeted to do this anyway, and it is just the right thing to do.


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